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My plan for today was to go shopping and looking for boys at

Ive been looking around the city centre today. After a momen

This boy was a college student who wanted to be an accountan

Czech Hunter 654

A very cool looking guy came to my office today. He was nice

Ladronka is a very nice park in Prague, very popular amongst

It was a terrible rainy day and I was stupid enough to hunt

This guy was so scared that his girlfriend might find out ab

If you think you can make big money by playing roulette, you

Looks like Im getting more and more famous. This boy called

Czech Hunter 671

I met Zdenek while walking along a beach. The place was surp

I met Nicolas on my usual hunting trip and he was a godsend.

This guy looked a bit eccentric. He barged into my office wi

Yesterday I visited again the suburbs of Prague. A young cli

It was a long ride to get to my todays meeting. He lived out

You need money! Ok, Ill come over and hear you out. And mayb

To find young dudes for my little, evil project is sometimes

The urge to fuck was strong. But as there were almost one we

This winter is taking already too long. Its getting more and

Everybody has a different motivation to apply for a new job.

The first applicant today called me and cancelled the schedu

Every week I meet new young men. They all have something in

Another client who couldnt even welcome me at his home. So I

What actually is a regular guy! I am sorry for asking but I

Christmas became definitely a huge shopping event in the Cze

Horrible weather and rain. On a day like this there isnt muc

The General had a very bad mood this morning. Some client ca

It was one of those cold winter days which I really hate. A

I woke up today a little bit late. But I noticed that I alre

Czech Hunter 602

Numero 122

Czech Hunter 476

Computer guys are great. They may be talented in one particu

I have never fucked an army man. This young boy was my first

I had a bad feeling about this boy at first. He looked too c

Another boy from a small town in my office. This poor boy tr

This guy was simply adorable. He had a joyful expression on

I went hunting on the Wenceslas Square today. Its a tricky a

Today I walked around a bus station looking for boys. After

I had two visitors today. They both came to Prague from a sm

This weekend I tried the main train station in Prague. The p

Another night, another try. Today I spotted a boy at the bus

Sometimes life isnt fair. When I walked into this guys home

His voice had a promising sound - young and cute. When he ca

Already three times this week I saw the same guy in the metr

Czech Hunter 574

Czech Hunter 578

Str8 Chaser: Dimitri

I got an interesting phone call today. Jiri, one of the best

This young student was just wandering around Prague looking

This boy sounded like a little whelp on the phone. He kept b

I usually meet boys who screwed things up and need my help t

This boy was kind of funny. He was in a quite difficult situ

I had to be careful today because I got fined for public exp

Prague is just awesome. Full of young and good looking boys

Kevin alone at home - I dont know why but I had to think abo

Even though the city center - especially the Wenceslas Squar

I am gay. But I am into straight boys. It is a big turn-on f

This was a very expensive evening but it was well worth it.

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