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I just love watching this handsome lad - a lad who is really

My new hi-tech camera doesnt get affected by water or steam

Another bunch of handsome guys come under the gaze of my tin

When we first posted about real footballer Fergus fully nake

Its easy to fall for Fred with his big eyes, curly hair and

Darryl may look like a straight-laced ordinary man, but hes

This shy newbie really got my cock twitching! Hes never had

Sebastian is a burly muscular straight dude who is all about

Fred is of that heteroflexible generation that wants to try

This boy spent most of his adult life in a kitchen. He loved

I got lucky again when these horny guys wandered into the fo

Martial arts man Don has a lot of experience and hes at his

I spotted athletic cutie David Blake sitting on a park bench

Im out here taking a walk in the park and I spot this good-l

Sexy hetero Max is a stunner but a curious case. He played f

I was driving around town when I intercepted muscular hunk S

Hetero Roger is a strong tough worker who is used to long da

Jack was really curious about the camera and I dont blame hi

Intensely sexual young Alon is keen to turn his varied and d

When I found Nate he was pretty bummed about losing his job

Handsome hetero Nick is prepared to be sexually flexible but

I stopped muscular hunk Shane while he was out on a run. I c

I found Lorenzo in an alley waiting on a friend and I was st

Strip Club Junior

Strip Club Lucas

Shower Peepers

Strip Club Bryan

Today I was hunting in front of the TV casting studio. I wan

This handsome young guy enters the changing room after a sho

Check out this cute guy as he appears completely naked when

Zdenek was a boy who let me fuck him recently because he nee

From the other side of the wall in this changing room full o

I met Zdenek while walking along a beach. The place was surp

I dont know where to look with this great looking guy comple

Today I called one of my guys and told him that he can have

There are many beautiful islands on the Vltava river. One of

When this boy called me, he told me that he cant afford to t

Life in the northern part of the Czech Republic was way too

This boy wasnt exactly a genius. He lived at his brother and

Today I visited a mysterious foreigner in need. This poor It

Ales looked like someone who used to be a nerd for the most

I hate when people come to my office dressed like clowns. Th

Another boy trying his luck in Prague. At the beginning I di

This guys friend recommended our company as a great place to

Another boy from a small town in my office. This poor boy tr

I couldnt believe this guy was just an ordinary room painter

I didnt like this guy at the beginning. I expect some degree

Another ambitious boy who would like to make it big in the c

This young man wanted to move to Prague but he needed a job

This young man came to Prague from a far away country. He li

This boy was a little slow and gave me really hard time. He

Summer is still in full swing here in the Czech Republic. Pe

This was an exceptionally warm day. I couldnt decide where t

I got an interesting phone call today. Jiri, one of the best

I met this crazy guy at a subway station. He loved sweets an

It was a terrible rainy day and I was stupid enough to hunt

This guy was so scared that his girlfriend might find out ab

I love lending money to college students. They are usually s

I met people who were very passionate about their tattoos be

Another family man called for my help. Dont worry, he was on

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