Pillow Talk: Part 5

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Connor Maguire
Jessie Colter
Anal Blowjobs Hardcore Office Pornstar

The salacious rumors floating around the office are threatening to destroy the budding romance between new employee, Connor Maguire, and Jessie Colter. In the finale of Pillow Talk, Connor shows up unexpectedly at Jessies house and demands he clear up the gossip about Jessies relationship with their boss, Lance. The two argue before Connor admits that the only reason the rumors bothered him is because hed finally decided to take their relationship to the next level. Jessie is obviously relieved, and aroused, by Connors confession because the two are quickly locking lips and stripping their clothes off. Their first go at makeup-sex is hot and heavy as Connor sinks his cock into Jessies muscular ass, fucking him doggystyle right there on the couch. When Jessie is laid out on his back, his hole filled up and slammed by Connor, he blows his load all over his abs because hes covered in Connors hot cum, too.

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