STORY: StripesCHAPTER 4: The Buyers

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Anal Bareback Fetish Hardcore

Continuing to place his trust in the secret satyr, Korzark, Daniel must let go and submit to the will of the group, even when that means presenting his naked body for all to see.Throughout Stripes, Daniel has struggled to keep faith in Korzarks plan, wanting to help the older man with his mission of bringing down the criminal empire and freeing his fellow Prometheans. But as he gets closer and closer to true enslavement, he begins to feel the pangs of doubt and fear that come with being so powerless. He wants to stay strong, but the idea of possibly ending up the forever plaything of an unknown sadist terrifies him beyond compare.Once the auction begins, Daniel sees that Korzarks plan all along has been to be the one to buy Daniel for himself. Still in question about whether this is part of the plan or not, Daniel is unable to get clarity before the satyr wins the auction and stakes his claim.To Daniels surprise, the completed transaction is more than just financial. For Korzark to show hes one of the buyers, he must breed Daniel in front of them all, bound and helpless. Luckily, the hard, bare cock of a satyr is a pleasure that is unlike anything most mortals could ever imagin

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