Akiras Instant Fuck

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American tourist Jeff is back, lying on the bed, horny and DTF. Hes more than ready when sexy Akira hops onto the bed and pops a dick up his ass with barely a hello. Jeff bumps his booty into Akiras stiff woody with every groaning thrust. Its not TOTALLY easy, and Jeff pulls a few grimaces as that dick rams his butt, but hes into it. br br Jeff wraps his legs up around Akiras waist and pulls him in closer. The horny studs roll over into a relaxed, comfy position and Akira slides in deep and sensuously. Open and enjoying every second now, Jeff climbs on and rides Akira like theres no tomorrow. But this isnt where their hookup ends--they step into the shower for some rub-a-dub jerking and oral. Akira sucks Jeffs big thick tool until hes at the edge, then they grab each others dicks to see who will spurt their sperm first. Akira cums in Jeffs hand, then kneels as Jeff sprays his sticky load onto his squeaky clean body. Akira gives an appreciative lick and smiles.

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