Haydens In Heat

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Hayden Lee
Micah West
Anal College Hardcore Twinks

Whenever you see massive, meat wielding Micah Wests name, you can bet your bottom dollar, its gonna be a high octane, category 5 level dick destroyer, and this savage scene with newcomer, Hayden Lee is no exception! With raw erotic young testosterone filled enthusiasm, first timer Hayden handles himself AND Micahs mega dick with impressive skill. Master Micah grabs the gorgeous guy by the hair and hammers his face full of cock, and, Lee loves every sloppy second of it. Even thanking the thick dicked dude with lusty licks to his funk filled low hangers. Ready for whatever cums next, Hayden stands. West wets his mouth with pretty boys pouty lips, then attacks the boys bone like a man, deep throating every inch of the tight bodied newbies well hung hog. Micah lays on the bed, ready to taste Haydens hot hole. Lee sits his amazing ass right down on the dudes face, then fills his mouth with Micahs meat once more in a sizzling hot 69 session. West wiggles his tongue out of the dudes beautiful backside and replaces it with raw, raging cock. Lees loins are spit slick, open, and ready for a ramming. West bulldozes his beast in without mercy, immediately drilling into the deep end

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