Petr Cernyka just got back from a run as hes preparing for a

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Petr Cernyka

Petr Cernyka just got back from a run as hes preparing for a 10k run this weekend. His muscles were sore so he stopped by his favorite masseur for a good muscle workout. As he enters the room, Petr lies face down on the bed, waiting on the masseur to arrive. The masseur walks over to the bed, puts his towel and oil down beside Petr and he very sensually begins working Petrs back and arm muscles. Working down Petrs back our masseur slides his hands under Petrs shorts, massaging his buns before slowly sliding down his underwear. Applying some more massage oil directly to Petrs ass, our masseur begins working in the oil and massaging Petrs tired muscles. Spreading Petrs legs so that he can get better access, the masseur begins rubbing Petrs cock head which starts to thicken within seconds of being touched. Our masseur helps Petr kneel up on his knees where he can more readily get to his asshole and cock. After a few minutes of working Petrs ass muscles with his hands our masseur grabs his yellow probe and begins probing Petrs ass. Slowly working the yellow butt probe in and out, Petrs cock gets harder and harder with each tug of the masseurs hand. Well just assume that the

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