New comer Bened Faust showed up at the studio in search of a

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Bened Faust

New comer Bened Faust showed up at the studio in search of a helping hand. He had just come from a workout, his muscles were sore and needed some attention. Our masseur walks into the room, kneels on the bed and with a light touch, gently rubs Beneds chest before grabbing his bottle of oil and squirting some into his hands. The masseur warms the oil in his hands before rubbing it into Beneds chest and six-pack abs. Reaching further down, he undoes Beneds pants and pulls them off revealing that Bened is definitely aroused by the touching hes already received. As the masseur applies oil to Beneds cock and balls, his cock gets harder and harder. Now rolling Bened over on his side, he pulls that rock hard cock behind Beneds legs and begins working his finger in and out of Beneds willing, sweet asshole. He continues Beneds rub down by rolling Bened onto his back, pulling his legs back behind his ears and while jerking Beneds cock the masseur continues to massage Beneds furry and tight hole. After a good ten minutes of ass and cock work by the masseur, Bened grabs his oiled up cock and starts stroking it feverishly. It does not take Bened long, and, when he cums, he shoots a th

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