Ayumus Sexy Wakeup

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In this hot edition of uncensored Asian gay porn, Yoshimis late coming home from work so Ayumu decides to turn in early. Hes completely asleep when his bf comes home, horny and ready for sex. Yoshi strips off Ayumus undies and pulls down the sheet, waking up his groggy boy with a kiss and a firm hand around his hairy dick. Ayumu responds with a sweet late-night blowjob, yanks down Yoshis briefs to worship his meaty cock and thick bushy pubes. He switches position and they 69, nursing on each others stiff pricks. RnrnYoshimi licks and fingers Ayumu, slathers some stringy lube onto his cock before sliding into his buddys hungry hole. They press their bodies close and keep kissing as Yoshimi starts pumping in faster. Ayumu sits up and kneels in front so Yoshimis cock can drill in deep from behind. He goes for the tightest, hardest fuck when he climbs on and grinds his ass into Yoshis throbbing meat. The hot Japanese gay boys lie next to each other, milking out matching loads across their tight bellies before they shower and turn in for the night.

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