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The weather isnt the only thing sucking today, Manabu, on the left, is introduced to 19 year old Kai. Bashful, Kai relates seeing Manabus video and wanting to cum and play with him on JapanBoyz. Com. Lying back and letting Kai do him, Manabus in for an easy and fun job. Just like a birthday gift, Kai unwraps his partner slowly, Im sure hes thought about doing Manabu for a while. Tending to Manabus nipples and cock, Kai is a very skilled, guess the boy loves to give as much as receive. In the zone, Manabu watches his cock as Kai swallows and strokes. Starting to pant and thrust his hips, Manabu signals, and then oozes out a nice thick load. The pair seem to get along nicely, well see if their up to some fucking next time.

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