Jos Alvarez And Max Jay Flip Fuck

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Jos Alvarez
Max Jay
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Max Jay has learned a lot since hes started with BSB, but Jos Alvarez is ready to teach him some more as these guys pair up to fuck hard. They brings their lips together to kiss as they strip off their clothes and Jos kisses his way from the tip of Maxs toes to the tip of his cock as he teases that dick through Maxs underwear. Pulling that big prick out, Jos wraps his mouth around Maxs cock, sucking that sweet dick and running his tongue along the shaft as he takes it deep down his throat. Max has his turn to give Jos oral next as he kneels in front of the bed and closes his warm, wet mouth around Joss already hard dick. But when Max pulls his soft lips off of Joss cock, Jos knows its time to get fucked, getting on all fours on the bed as Max lubes up his achingly hard cock and slides it into Joss tight ass. Groaning as Maxs full length fills him up, Jos takes every last inch of Maxs dick, his face scrunched in pain and pleasure as Max fucks him hard and raw. After Jos gets his ass pounded out by Maxs big dick, its Maxs turn to bottom as they flip and Max slowly lowers himself onto Joss twitching cock, doing his best to take that whole dick as he rides it bareback. As

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